Seth Cohen.

You may recognize the name.  If you watched the TV show ‘The OC’, then you’ve witnessed the numerous lovable quips and quirks of actor Adam Brody’s character.  A pop culture reference – indeed.

Well, his lovable and sometimes awkward character is now being paid homage in a cat.  Yup.  Meet Seth Cohen.

Adopted just a few weeks ago, we are just now starting to understand the little guy.  One of his favorite things is his mouse (typical) which we just had to replace (who knows where the original ended up!?), and he loves to sleep on hard surfaces (not as typical).

He’s beginning to speak his mind more now that he’s been here a while. He always has something to say, and I think he expects me to know just what he means.  I try my best – but can safely say, I don’t speak ‘meow’. *you can keep trying though buddy!

He’s probably the most mild-mannered cat I’ve had the pleasure to share a home with (especially at his age – 6 months).  He sleeps a lot, is really good at playing on his own, and is mindful of the word ‘no’ (most of the time…)

So, don’t be surprised if you see his sweet little face around here from time to time…he’s starting to like the attention with the camera (that last one is him wondering why I was photographing a cupcake and not him…typical. typical).  🙂

Take care all,


Seth Cohen.