Nani and Chloe :: Arboretum

Meet Chloe and Nani.


I couldn’t resist having that be the first shot, it was just too cute!

Chloe is Nani’s older sister, and tends to show her the ropes.  And Nani is more than happy to learn from her big sis.

_MG_0055-71-1Chloe and Nani’s mom and dad met up with me at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle.  Chloe and Nani had never been, so we had a grand ol’ time playing and discovering the new surroundings.


Chloe’s favorite toy? Her Frisbee!

_MG_0134-149-6I think the tail just makes this next shot!  So cute – she means business!


_MG_0219-234-10Action shot! – yup, that’s broccoli.

_MG_0089-105-2Blurry pups at play – these are more ‘out takes’ but I thought they were kind of fun.

blurrypupsWe moseyed on over to the water front after a good session of playtime, and enjoyed the scenery.



sistersGotta love mommy kisses! – I love the face that dogs and cats make when they get kisses from their people, they just look so content.





_MG_0515-530-27A puppy trying to get a average sized ball in their mouth…gets me every time! 🙂

naniAnd look at Chloe’s pretty spots! – so sweet!


Thanks to their momma, Michelle, for helping orchestrate the shoot, it was certainly a team effort 🙂

Chloe and Nani did a fantastic job!  They deserve some more string cheese 😉



Nani and Chloe :: Arboretum

Samson and Griz :: Tubbs Hill

Meet Samson and Griz.

Samson is a two year old West Highland White Terrier, and Griz is his new baby brother (a mutt) at just 11 weeks old!

I met up with them and their parents in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho at the popular Tubbs Hill near Lake Coeur d’Alene.  These two little guys had a ball, running around the trails and rocks, making us (mom and dad included) all really work for the perfect shot!  They were quite the pair.




Samson has been known to be quite the little ballerina…


Marjorie, Samson and Griz’s mom, chose Tubbs Hill because it was Samson’s favorite place to run and play – he has quite the adventurous spirit!



And then there is Griz, he loved following his older brother around, but most often you would find him staying very close to his mom and dad.  He would always stop when he thought he was too far, and look back to make sure his people were right behind him.  Such a sweet heart!



Flying puppies!


These next two shots are a little different then the norm – they just sort of struck me in a way that I couldn’t discard them.



Marjorie and Gabriel, thanks so much for inviting me!  I hope you like the results 🙂



Samson and Griz :: Tubbs Hill