I’m back!

Hello all! I’m back from my vacation and after days upon days of relaxation and fun, I’m excited to get back to work! I’ve got some fun shoots lined up in the next couple weeks that I’ll be sharing. And speaking of sharing, I’m excited to share with you the newest addition to my family…



Jamie, my youngest sister, decided she wanted a cat as her high school graduation gift and Oscar has stolen the hearts of everyone in my family (except for Bella who’s not entirely sure what to think of this little fluffball).

I pretty much find any excuse I can to drop by my parents’ house to hang out with the little guy. I conjured up an excuse and went over there last night and to my surprise there were two kittens running around the house! Being that Oscar’s so playful and energetic, my parents thought he should have a playmate, so they ended up getting another kitten! The new guy doesn’t have a name yet so I’m pushing for “Puma”. I’ll try to find time in the next few days to get over there and snap some pics of him. Maybe I’ll take a couple of him and Oscar while I’m at it, just to overload you all with cuteness.

🙂 Amanda

I’m back!

i {heart} mod

Oh mod, I love you so. Your clean, classic look gets me every time. I love when you’re simple, but I love it even more when you’re daring in color or bold in print. Case in point–pet beds.

Here are some fantastic pet beds I found at Design Public (all images copyright 2008 by S2D2 LLC)…

This first one is the Crypton Doodle Dog Pet Bed in the color “Pool”:


This one is also by Crypton and is the Rotator Pet Bed in the color “Pomelo”:


Can’t forget about the kitties! This gorgeous piece is the Elizabeth Paige Smith Kittypod:


This one is the Kittypod Mini:catbed2

I still can’t get over how great these are! The cat beds look like sculptures and would be purrfect in my living room. 🙂

Speaking of mod things that would look good in my house, check out these super cute bird-themed wallpapers (yep, they’re on Design Public too!)…

This is the Graham & Brown Mode Birdcage Wallpaper:


And these next 2 are Cavern Home Blackbird Wallpaper:



With Design Public‘s vast array of modern products, I could literally create my own mod wonderland.

i {heart} mod

Seth Cohen.

You may recognize the name.  If you watched the TV show ‘The OC’, then you’ve witnessed the numerous lovable quips and quirks of actor Adam Brody’s character.  A pop culture reference – indeed.

Well, his lovable and sometimes awkward character is now being paid homage in a cat.  Yup.  Meet Seth Cohen.

Adopted just a few weeks ago, we are just now starting to understand the little guy.  One of his favorite things is his mouse (typical) which we just had to replace (who knows where the original ended up!?), and he loves to sleep on hard surfaces (not as typical).

He’s beginning to speak his mind more now that he’s been here a while. He always has something to say, and I think he expects me to know just what he means.  I try my best – but can safely say, I don’t speak ‘meow’. *you can keep trying though buddy!

He’s probably the most mild-mannered cat I’ve had the pleasure to share a home with (especially at his age – 6 months).  He sleeps a lot, is really good at playing on his own, and is mindful of the word ‘no’ (most of the time…)

So, don’t be surprised if you see his sweet little face around here from time to time…he’s starting to like the attention with the camera (that last one is him wondering why I was photographing a cupcake and not him…typical. typical).  🙂

Take care all,


Seth Cohen.

On the farm in Missouri

Well, I’m sure you’ve been outside recently and felt the fall weather!  It is – in fact – that time of the year (and it is FINALLY feeling that way out in the center of the country as well!).

There are even some fall colors coming out in the trees!

My friend Ashley was in my neck of the woods this weekend, and invited me along to her Uncle’s cow farm in Southern Missouri.  I was promised kittens, horses, and cows – and when you promise me things like that, I’m out the door with my camera prepped and ready.  Ashley did not disappoint! There was even a pup and a lake too!

Needless to say we had a great time!

This is Shilo, he was our ‘tour guide’ around the farm.  He was happy to show us all of the highlights around the property.  Check out those blue beauties!

Ashley and I were convinced he was part wolf…if you saw him running through the woods, wouldn’t you?

The farm kitties were quite sociable – I think every kitten that we pet, someone would ask if we wanted to take them home with us.  *don’t tempt me people…don’t tempt me. 🙂

And then there were the cows.  Ashley’s Uncle took us on a ride through the pasture, where we had to count the cows and calves (21 total – all there!)  All I have to say is, being around that many cows was very intimidating…and I don’t think the clicking of my shutter helped much…

How can you not be in awe of a horse?!  There was a momma and her baby (who was not much of a baby anymore!) They were kept in separate pastures, so that the little guy could be trained.  He was a sweetie!

and his momma, had the prettiest spots!

This is what happens when a tornado gets a bit too close…(this is now one of my new found fears around here…earthquake-shmirthquake…keep those tornadoes AWAY!)

And the most unlikely farm animal…pretty common in these parts, and probably my most cooperative subject. (who knew)

We had a great time on the cow farm!  Thanks to the McGraw family for such a fun visit!

Take care,


On the farm in Missouri