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On the farm in Missouri

Well, I’m sure you’ve been outside recently and felt the fall weather!  It is – in fact – that time of the year (and it is FINALLY feeling that way out in the center of the country as well!).

There are even some fall colors coming out in the trees!

My friend Ashley was in my neck of the woods this weekend, and invited me along to her Uncle’s cow farm in Southern Missouri.  I was promised kittens, horses, and cows – and when you promise me things like that, I’m out the door with my camera prepped and ready.  Ashley did not disappoint! There was even a pup and a lake too!

Needless to say we had a great time!

This is Shilo, he was our ‘tour guide’ around the farm.  He was happy to show us all of the highlights around the property.  Check out those blue beauties!

Ashley and I were convinced he was part wolf…if you saw him running through the woods, wouldn’t you?

The farm kitties were quite sociable – I think every kitten that we pet, someone would ask if we wanted to take them home with us.  *don’t tempt me people…don’t tempt me. 🙂

And then there were the cows.  Ashley’s Uncle took us on a ride through the pasture, where we had to count the cows and calves (21 total – all there!)  All I have to say is, being around that many cows was very intimidating…and I don’t think the clicking of my shutter helped much…

How can you not be in awe of a horse?!  There was a momma and her baby (who was not much of a baby anymore!) They were kept in separate pastures, so that the little guy could be trained.  He was a sweetie!

and his momma, had the prettiest spots!

This is what happens when a tornado gets a bit too close…(this is now one of my new found fears around here…earthquake-shmirthquake…keep those tornadoes AWAY!)

And the most unlikely farm animal…pretty common in these parts, and probably my most cooperative subject. (who knew)

We had a great time on the cow farm!  Thanks to the McGraw family for such a fun visit!

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On the farm in Missouri