Jovi :: Seattle Dog Photographer

This awesome session with Jovi and his owners took place a couple months ago at the awesome Lake Meridian Park! The skies were extra gray and daunting that morning, but we lucked out and the rain held off until the tail end of our session!

🙂 Amanda

Jovi :: Seattle Dog Photographer

Sasha :: Kirkland Dog Photographer

Whew! The last few weeks have been exhausting, but I’ve had the chance to meet many sweet pets including this little girl named Sasha:

I had a mini session with her and her owner Sheldon a couple weeks ago. We got some amazing variety in a short amount of time! Check out my favorite shots from the day:

Thanks again Sheldon & Sasha!

🙂 Amanda

Sasha :: Kirkland Dog Photographer

Bronx :: Seattle Dog Photographers

I drove out to Lake Stevens a couple of weeks ago to photograph Sam and her malamute puppy, Bronx. It took me all of 2 seconds to fall head over heels for this adorable fluff ball!

Bronx, a Malamute puppy in Lake Stevens, photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

We took Bronx to a nearby park and she was so excited to run around that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get any photos of her in focus! Luckily she was fascinated by my shoes so she’d stop every once in awhile to check them out and I’d get a photo like this…

Bronx, a Malamute puppy in Lake Stevens, photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

or like this…

or like this of her peeking out from under the table.

I love this shot of Bronx in Sam’s arms. I swear it looks like she’s laughing!

Bronx, a Malamute puppy in Lake Stevens, photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

This picture below is one of my absolute favorites from the photo session! I loved it so much that I had it printed as a 20×24 sample to display and show future clients.

Bronx, a Malamute puppy in Lake Stevens, photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

This is my favorite one of Sam and Bronx together. I love the way the sun enhances curly hair!

Thanks again Sam and Bronx! I had SO much fun hanging out in the sunshine and running around the park with both of you!

🙂 Amanda

Bronx :: Seattle Dog Photographers

New Mexico Baxter :: Seattle Pet Photographers

I recently made a trip to New Mexico (you can read about it here and here on my Art of Subtlety blog) and while I was there I met this cutie named Baxter:

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Baxter has quite the life. His family lives on a beautiful property in a town called Placitas, where he spends his time hiking with his owners, watching wild horses roam free, playing with out of town visitors, and eating treats in his yard.

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

He has the most captivating eyes that make you melt and fall immediately in love.

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

My favorite thing about Baxter though was his tongue. Look at these cool spots!

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

A HUGE thanks goes out to Baxter and the Stueber family for inviting me into their home and showing me such kindness and generosity during my travels.

🙂 Amanda

New Mexico Baxter :: Seattle Pet Photographers

another one from Story People

You know how much I love Story People and the silly little Story of the Day emails that I get. Today had another dog related one titled “Tofu Pup.”


“taunting the neighbor’s dog with meat-flavored tofu because he can’t get anyone else to eat it.”


another one from Story People

PaddyWag is #1!

Picture 5

Charity and I are so excited and honored to be voted #1 for Pet Photography in King 5’s Best of Western Washington contest! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who voted for us! We couldn’t have done it without all your support! 🙂

Charity and I feel so lucky to have such amazing clients. I wanted to share a few of the reviews written about us:

“PaddyWag is great at capturing your pet’s personality. They are professional, thoughtful and just downright creative photographers.”  –laurajmack

“Because they take the time to get THE shot! And they are not afraid to get down and dirty for the perfect picture!”  –michellec

“The importance of rapport between subject and photographer cannot be overstated. No other photographer in Western Washington has an easier time developing an immediate connection with our four-legged family members than Amanda and Charity. Take a look for yourself … you’ll see what I mean.”  –Huyman

“Both Amanda and Charity have great personalities, and get along great with animals and people. It is rare to find people who interact so well with both. I would definitely recommend them to any one looking to capture the best of their pets.”  –rwallace31915

“Wow I receive comments all the time about our dogs pictures. Amanda is amazing–so much patience with your animals. I would recommend Amanda to family and friends.  Thank you so much.”  –Tyler, Cora, Baker and Lola

“Charity is amazingly sweet and the photos that she has produced are absolutely adorable. She is one of the easiest people in the world to get along with!”  –Clayton Ryan

Thank you again everyone!

We love you all! 🙂

PaddyWag is #1!


I’d like you all to meet Kodiak, the newest PaddyWag client.


Spending an afternoon with this cutie was way too much fun! Brother and sister even got in on the cuteness action.



 This one cracks me up! It was the first shot of the day:


Love the detail on this next one…


We were having so much fun that I wanted to be in a pic too, so here’s my shadow with Kodiak:


I think Kodiak was pretty worn out by the end of the shoot. It was definitely time to curl up with a toy and rest.


Thanks again to Kodiak and family!

 🙂 Amanda

***TODAY is the last day to vote for PaddyWag on King 5’s Best of Western Washington. Click here to submit your vote and make us your #1 favorite pet photographers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂 ***


Nani and Chloe :: Arboretum

Meet Chloe and Nani.


I couldn’t resist having that be the first shot, it was just too cute!

Chloe is Nani’s older sister, and tends to show her the ropes.  And Nani is more than happy to learn from her big sis.

_MG_0055-71-1Chloe and Nani’s mom and dad met up with me at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle.  Chloe and Nani had never been, so we had a grand ol’ time playing and discovering the new surroundings.


Chloe’s favorite toy? Her Frisbee!

_MG_0134-149-6I think the tail just makes this next shot!  So cute – she means business!


_MG_0219-234-10Action shot! – yup, that’s broccoli.

_MG_0089-105-2Blurry pups at play – these are more ‘out takes’ but I thought they were kind of fun.

blurrypupsWe moseyed on over to the water front after a good session of playtime, and enjoyed the scenery.



sistersGotta love mommy kisses! – I love the face that dogs and cats make when they get kisses from their people, they just look so content.





_MG_0515-530-27A puppy trying to get a average sized ball in their mouth…gets me every time! 🙂

naniAnd look at Chloe’s pretty spots! – so sweet!


Thanks to their momma, Michelle, for helping orchestrate the shoot, it was certainly a team effort 🙂

Chloe and Nani did a fantastic job!  They deserve some more string cheese 😉



Nani and Chloe :: Arboretum