Charlotte :: Seattle Dog Photographer

Meet Charlotte.

She’s a princess in the making.

Well…she’s working on it…

But her mother loves her just the way that she is.

Refined at times…

or just being a pup.

Yep.Β  Charlotte lives a pretty charmed life.

A family the adores her…

and a face that you can’t help but love!

Huge ‘Thanks’ to Charlotte and her family, Victoria and Grant, for such a fun November photo session.

It was a true pleasure to play with such a sweet little princess!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Charlotte :: Seattle Dog Photographer

Leo :: Seattle Dog Photographer

Oh Leo! Seriously, what a cute little puppy! I totally fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him and his cute white eyelashes! Check out some of my favorite pics from his photo session:

I’ll end on this one because it cracks me up everytime I look at it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

πŸ™‚ Amanda

Leo :: Seattle Dog Photographer

New Mexico Baxter :: Seattle Pet Photographers

I recently made a trip to New Mexico (you can read about it here and here on my Art of Subtlety blog) and while I was there I met this cutie named Baxter:

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Baxter has quite the life. His family lives on a beautiful property in a town called Placitas, where he spends his time hiking with his owners, watching wild horses roam free, playing with out of town visitors, and eating treats in his yard.

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

He has the most captivating eyes that make you melt and fall immediately in love.

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

My favorite thing about Baxter though was his tongue. Look at these cool spots!

Baxter, a Placitas, NM dog photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

A HUGE thanks goes out to Baxter and the Stueber family for inviting me into their home and showing me such kindness and generosity during my travels.

πŸ™‚ Amanda

New Mexico Baxter :: Seattle Pet Photographers


I’d like you all to meet Kodiak, the newest PaddyWag client.


Spending an afternoon with this cutie was way too much fun! Brother and sister even got in on the cuteness action.



Β This one cracks me up! It was the first shot of the day:


Love the detail on this next one…


We were having so much fun that I wanted to be in a pic too, so here’s my shadow with Kodiak:


I think Kodiak was pretty worn out by the end of the shoot. It was definitely time to curl up with a toy and rest.


Thanks again to Kodiak and family!

Β πŸ™‚ Amanda

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A shout-out to fellow Go Dog, Go! vendors

Not only was it great meeting all of you and your dogs at Go Dog, Go!, we also loved meeting the other vendors.

Check out these awesome dog services:

Droolz Organics (ready-to-bake dog cookies)

Pet Impressions Photography (photos by Kimberly Gauthier)

At Home Vet (at-home veterinary care)

Heart Strings Petsitting

Wet Noses (natural dog treats)

Fido’s Flushables (100% bio-flushable bags)

Pet Gazette (a local pet newspaper)

A shout-out to fellow Go Dog, Go! vendors

Go Dog Go – Part Three









paddywag_go-dog-go_26Thanks again to everyone who came to visit our booth.Β  We loved to meet you, we loved to meet your pups, and we were glad to be a nice ‘cool’ rest stop for many of you πŸ™‚

What a fun day!



Go Dog Go – Part Three

Daisy: Revisited

You might remember this face from 6 months ago, the sweet Daisy girl.

Now that it’s summer time, Daisy and I decided to have an adventure outside, and boy was she a riot!

That girl is one big ball of energy!


She loved that ball of hers, no matter how deflated it may have been πŸ™‚






Look at this goof ball!


Did I mention that she was full of energy?!





Needless to say, Daisy and I had a great time!


Happy Sunshine everyone!


Daisy: Revisited