it’s a small world after all…

I’m always amazed at how small our world really is.

During the later part of summer and into the fall, I played Friday night ice hockey with a great group of guys, one in particular named Brian. Brian’s the kind of guy that I like to have on the ice with me–always smiling, always offering constructive criticism, always treating me like one of the guys even though I’m the only girl out there. Not to mention that when we played on the same team, he’d pass me the puck even though I was one of the least skilled players out there.

My fiance Nate played Friday nights too, and one night as we were heading home he showed me a stuffed animal Brian had given him. It was Rover from the comic strip Red and Rover. Turns out Brian the hockey player is also Brian Basset the comic strip writer (he writes Red and Rover as well as Adam @ Home)!

So here’s a big THANK YOU to Brian, not only for making me smile on the ice, but making me smile off of it too.

🙂 Amanda




it’s a small world after all…