Go Dog, Go!

I think we’ve made you wait long enough for our exciting news, so here it is:

PaddyWag was asked to participate in the first annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival!

Here’s a little blurb about the event:

The City of Kirkland in conjunction with Kirkland Off-leash Dog Group (K-Dog) and Washington Owners of Flying Disc Dogs (WOOFD2) is proud to announce the first annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival.  This event will be held in Crestwoods Park in Kirkland on July 25, 2009. Area residents and their canine companions can come out to enjoy games and contests in addition to flyball demonstrations and the Cascade Classic Canine Disc Championship. This event is free to the public and the goal of all this fun is to raise funds to maintain the city’s dog waste clean-up stations, with the ultimate goal of creating an off leash park in Kirkland.

Charity and I are really excited to be part of this event! We’ll have a booth set up at the park, so please come by and say hello! We’ll be offering some fun products and even a discount or two on our portrait packages. We’re also sponsoring a dog and owner look-a-like contest at 11:00AM, so don’t forget to bring your pup along—we’ve got 3 fabulous prizes for the winners!

Go Dog, Go!

La La La La Lola

This is Lola, a super sweet and loving shar pei that I photographed last week. Her rolls and wrinkles were just about the cutest thing ever! I wish I had brought my video camera because she did the funniest snort thing with her nose whenever she was excited. All of the excitement wore her out and I was able to get some really beautiful pictures of her sleeping by the fireplace before I left.







I hummed the song “Lola” throughout the entire photo session and now it’s stuck in my head again as I post these pics!

La La La La Lola

short story

My friend got me hooked to the StoryPeople website and I’ve been receiving the story of the day via email for the past year.

I was looking through the ones I’ve saved and thought I’d share this little gem with you…

Class Act


taking himself for a walk hoping he doesn’t poop on someone’s lawn like all the other dogs in the neighborhood since he’s trying hard to better himself

short story

i {heart} mod

Oh mod, I love you so. Your clean, classic look gets me every time. I love when you’re simple, but I love it even more when you’re daring in color or bold in print. Case in point–pet beds.

Here are some fantastic pet beds I found at Design Public (all images copyright 2008 by S2D2 LLC)…

This first one is the Crypton Doodle Dog Pet Bed in the color “Pool”:


This one is also by Crypton and is the Rotator Pet Bed in the color “Pomelo”:


Can’t forget about the kitties! This gorgeous piece is the Elizabeth Paige Smith Kittypod:


This one is the Kittypod Mini:catbed2

I still can’t get over how great these are! The cat beds look like sculptures and would be purrfect in my living room. 🙂

Speaking of mod things that would look good in my house, check out these super cute bird-themed wallpapers (yep, they’re on Design Public too!)…

This is the Graham & Brown Mode Birdcage Wallpaper:


And these next 2 are Cavern Home Blackbird Wallpaper:



With Design Public‘s vast array of modern products, I could literally create my own mod wonderland.

i {heart} mod

mon petit Bella

I recently paid a post-op visit to a certain gallbladder-less kitty. I’m happy to report that mon petit Bella is recovering nicely. Her stomach staples were removed at the  Seattle Veterinary Specialists last week and the vet said her fur should start growing back soon. This is great news, especially since she seems a little embarrassed about bearing so much skin. 🙂





mon petit Bella