3 more cats! :: Seattle Pet Photographers

I can’t believe this is the 3rd post in a row that features cats! Generally I get a mix of cats & dogs, but it must be kitten season in Seattle. 🙂

I went up to Everett yesterday to photograph this little sweetie:

She doesn’t have an official name yet, so for now her owners are calling her Baby Girl.

Not to be overshadowed, Baby Girl’s other house mates, Thriller & Kita, wanted to share the spot light.

One of my favorites of the day is this one of Thriller giving Baby Girl a little kiss:

🙂 Amanda

3 more cats! :: Seattle Pet Photographers

Vancouver Cats :: Seattle Pet Photographers

While I was vacationing in Vancouver, BC for the Olympics, I had the chance to photograph two very adorable cats.

Sassy was so friendly and talkative while I was photographing her and she fell asleep in my lap on more than one occasion.

Sassy, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Sassy, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Sassy, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag


Abby was much more shy & reserved, but once she warmed up to me she didn’t want to leave my side.

Abby, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Abby, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Abby, a Vancouver, BC cat photographed by Amanda Waltman of PaddyWag

Thanks again to Sassy & Abby for giving me plenty of kitty love & making me feel right at home in Vancouver.

🙂 Amanda

Vancouver Cats :: Seattle Pet Photographers

new website :: Seattle Pet Photographers

Hello blog readers! I know it’s been awhile since we last spoke, but that’s because so much has been going on and time has just slipped through our fingers. Let’s catch up…

Charity is back in Seattle after 3 months of travel and photography through Europe. It’s fabulous to have her only 15 minutes away instead of a trans-Atlantic flight away. I definitely missed having her nearby, especially during the holidays when things got chaotic and stressful and all I could think about was how nice it would be to laugh and hang out with her and eat at a yummy Indian lunch buffet where we’d both go for seconds without thinking twice. 🙂

Charity‘s return spurred us to dedicate some quality time to PaddyWag and we’ve been working diligently for the past 2 months solidifying our mission statement, perfecting our workflow, creating new products and revamping our portfolio. We’re proud of what we’ve done and cannot wait to show it off to current and future PaddyWag clients, so check us out at our new website PaddyWag.com!

Since blog posts are WAY more fun when there are pictures, here are a few of our long time client Maddison during her latest photo session.

Happy almost-St Patrick’s Day!

🙂 Amanda

new website :: Seattle Pet Photographers

another one from Story People

You know how much I love Story People and the silly little Story of the Day emails that I get. Today had another dog related one titled “Tofu Pup.”


“taunting the neighbor’s dog with meat-flavored tofu because he can’t get anyone else to eat it.”


another one from Story People

PaddyWag is #1!

Picture 5

Charity and I are so excited and honored to be voted #1 for Pet Photography in King 5’s Best of Western Washington contest! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who voted for us! We couldn’t have done it without all your support! 🙂

Charity and I feel so lucky to have such amazing clients. I wanted to share a few of the reviews written about us:

“PaddyWag is great at capturing your pet’s personality. They are professional, thoughtful and just downright creative photographers.”  –laurajmack

“Because they take the time to get THE shot! And they are not afraid to get down and dirty for the perfect picture!”  –michellec

“The importance of rapport between subject and photographer cannot be overstated. No other photographer in Western Washington has an easier time developing an immediate connection with our four-legged family members than Amanda and Charity. Take a look for yourself … you’ll see what I mean.”  –Huyman

“Both Amanda and Charity have great personalities, and get along great with animals and people. It is rare to find people who interact so well with both. I would definitely recommend them to any one looking to capture the best of their pets.”  –rwallace31915

“Wow I receive comments all the time about our dogs pictures. Amanda is amazing–so much patience with your animals. I would recommend Amanda to family and friends.  Thank you so much.”  –Tyler, Cora, Baker and Lola

“Charity is amazingly sweet and the photos that she has produced are absolutely adorable. She is one of the easiest people in the world to get along with!”  –Clayton Ryan

Thank you again everyone!

We love you all! 🙂

PaddyWag is #1!

a look back :: Seattle Pet Photographer

On this rainy, blustery Saturday, I stumbled upon a few old images that I thought might be fun to resurface.

These are some early beginnings to PaddyWag – in fact one of these images was the precursor that sprung the idea in the first place.

Can you guess which one?







*if you guessed the last one, you are right!

Have a great Saturday everyone – I think I see a little blue sky peaking through the clouds…


a look back :: Seattle Pet Photographer

Sammi :: Spokane Pet Photographer

Sweet, sweet Sammi.


She loves her blue ball, and her Momma…


She is so well trained and well mannered, we were able to do lots of fun (photo posing) things outside in the yard…



Sammi in the flowers, hamming it up…


I even had the chance to take a few ‘personal’ shots.



Thanks to Gayle and Sammi for such an easy-going shoot! 🙂


Sammi :: Spokane Pet Photographer

Brutus :: Spokane Pet Photography

As promised,

meet Brutus!  An adorable lab mix, who is *apparently 7 months old!?…he’s SO big! – I questioned his mother a handful of times, but she swore up and down that he was indeed so young.

He certainly was a puppy at heart though, which made for a very fun and energetic shoot!




We made sure to have some down-time too…





Thanks to Kim and Brutus for such a well balanced shoot!


Brutus :: Spokane Pet Photography


I’d like you all to meet Kodiak, the newest PaddyWag client.


Spending an afternoon with this cutie was way too much fun! Brother and sister even got in on the cuteness action.



 This one cracks me up! It was the first shot of the day:


Love the detail on this next one…


We were having so much fun that I wanted to be in a pic too, so here’s my shadow with Kodiak:


I think Kodiak was pretty worn out by the end of the shoot. It was definitely time to curl up with a toy and rest.


Thanks again to Kodiak and family!

 🙂 Amanda

***TODAY is the last day to vote for PaddyWag on King 5’s Best of Western Washington. Click here to submit your vote and make us your #1 favorite pet photographers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂 ***