Go Dog, Go!

I think we’ve made you wait long enough for our exciting news, so here it is:

PaddyWag was asked to participate in the first annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival!

Here’s a little blurb about the event:

The City of Kirkland in conjunction with Kirkland Off-leash Dog Group (K-Dog) and Washington Owners of Flying Disc Dogs (WOOFD2) is proud to announce the first annual Go Dog, Go! Canine Festival.  This event will be held in Crestwoods Park in Kirkland on July 25, 2009. Area residents and their canine companions can come out to enjoy games and contests in addition to flyball demonstrations and the Cascade Classic Canine Disc Championship. This event is free to the public and the goal of all this fun is to raise funds to maintain the city’s dog waste clean-up stations, with the ultimate goal of creating an off leash park in Kirkland.

Charity and I are really excited to be part of this event! We’ll have a booth set up at the park, so please come by and say hello! We’ll be offering some fun products and even a discount or two on our portrait packages. We’re also sponsoring a dog and owner look-a-like contest at 11:00AM, so don’t forget to bring your pup along—we’ve got 3 fabulous prizes for the winners!

Go Dog, Go!

2 thoughts on “Go Dog, Go!

  1. tammy taylor says:

    How do you enter the best costume? Also this wont be an off leash event now will it?I have a very shy dog and I want to bring her but not if its on off leash event.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for your interest in the event!
      Amanda and I will be hosting the “Pet-Owner Look-a-like” contest, but there will also be a “Best Costume” contest at the event that should be fun! Contests will be entered during the event, I believe there will be a timetable as to when each contest will be orchestrated during the day.
      As for it being “off leash”, there will be off leash events going on during the event (frisbee, and what looks to be obstacle courses?!) http://www.woofd2.com/index_files/Page452.htm I’m sure you will encounter plenty of dogs on leashes, but I would not guarantee that they will all be leashed. The purpose for the event is to fund an “off leash” dog park in Kirkland after all 🙂

      Amanda and I understand that that might not be the best situation for every dog.
      If you think it would not be a best fit for your pup, then we give you mad props for being sensitive to your dogs needs. Much respect!

      That being said, we would love to meet your little darling sometime! Check out our Seattle Sale, and get that costume ready – we’ll do a one woman contest! 🙂

      Take care,
      Charity (and Amanda)

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