A pup that needs your help.

Grace from Shine Pet Photos is asking for your help.

Meet Jeffrey.

picture-3Photo by Shine Pet Photos; Grace Chon

What Grace has to say:

“Jeffrey was recently pulled from the Baldwin Park shelter and he’s truly the saddest Rottweiler any of us at the Paw’d Squad has ever seen. Because of his tiny size, everyone thought he was a puppy. But the vet says he’s actually 3 years old! Jeffrey is suffering from extreme malnutrition, demodectic mange, and fleas. But aside from these issues, he’s in great shape.

How can anyone with a conscience allow their pet to get to this point?? I truly don’t GET IT — it’s SO INFURIATING!! I expected to meet a fearful dog, wary of people — he’s suffered so much at the hands of people who were supposed to love and care for him. But the minute I met Jeffrey, all he wanted was some love and affection. He kept nuzzling my hands for treats and pats on the head. Despite the trauma he’s experienced in the past, he’s still so sweet and loving and ready for his new home!

Jeffrey will need to stay at the vet for the next 4-5 months for recovery. He’s going to need some intensive vet care, lots of love from us all and some highly nutritious food. In all, we’re going to need to fund-raise about $6,000! If you would like to donate to help Jeffrey get better, all of us at the Paw’d Squad would be so grateful. And Jeffrey will be too!

So if you’d like to help, please visit the Paw’d Squad website, scroll down to the bottom and click the PayPal button.”

Grace has asked to pass along the message of Jeffrey – and I felt compelled to do so. If you would like more information about what Grace is doing with Paw’d Squad, please feel free to visit her blog.

3024709161_83bb36af46_oPhoto by Shine Pet Photos; Grace Chon

Thanks Grace for being such a great contributor to the animal world!

Take care,


A pup that needs your help.

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