Best of Western Washington “Top 5”!

Well, my BF isn’t too impressed – but I’m pretty proud of us!

The results are in for the Best of Western Washington – and I’m honored to say that PaddyWag made the Top 5 in the category of Pet Photography!  To be along side photographers like Erin, Jamie, and Nichole is just a huge uplift in my day…who am I kidding – to my year!  🙂

Congratulations to Erin Vey for winning – when it comes to pet photography – she is my hero!  Her win is very much deserved!! (and I can’t wait to see her on tv tonight! I’m downloading Evening Magazine like nobody’s business!)

Thanks to everyone who voted for us – Your support is undeniable!

Cheers to 2008!

Best of Western Washington 2009 look out!!

Take care all,


Best of Western Washington “Top 5”!

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