More pets up for adoption in Central Illinois! I had the chance to hang out with some of the kitties today – all of which were so very lovable!  I must admit kitties are my weakness, always has been, I could hang out with a kitty all day (and I do!- I’ll introduce you to Seth one of these days).

Here are some pretty felines looking for new forever homes!

There were a few sweet pups too –

This next little one was having nothing to do with me.  He was just dropped off at the shelter this morning, and was hanging out with the staff in the back…sure he’d take snuggles and pets, but when the camera came out, he was all over the place.  And when he did decide to lay out for a while *this is what I would get…

Yeah, he made me feel like a chump…errr, I mean champ. 🙂

If you are in the Springfield area, you can find these lovelies at the Animal Protective League…and if you’re not in the Springfield area, I hope this might inspire you to go see who needs a home at your local shelter!

Take care all,



2 thoughts on “Adopt!

  1. Good on you using your photography skills to highlight these lil’ darlings. You almost made me a cat person! What a gorgeous look that black lab puppy has. Hope they won’t be there for long.

  2. paddywag says:

    Well, now see Hilary you’ve given me a goal – to make you into a cat person! 😉

    Yeah, I think that little guy is going to find a home real quick – he was a sweetie-pie! It’s hard to deny a black lab puppy!

    Hey, by the way – thanks for linking us! It’s great to have a fellow pet photographer and blogger from across the pond keeping tabs on us 🙂
    Your presence and encouragement is much appreciated!

    Take care,

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