One year in and APL

Hello all!

Well it was about time Amanda and I had a place to call our own!  PaddyWag finally has it’s own blog space!  Now you can get all of the up to date details on new PaddyWag products, specials, and best of all – all of the lovable faces that we get the chance to photograph!

Since PaddyWag had begun almost a year ago today(!?)  We have hit a few unimaginable milestones – we’ve expanded to the Central Illinois area (thanks to me and my adventurous streak!) and we’ve been nominated and holding steady at 4th place (since the last I was able to check) for Best Pet Photography of Western Washington!  That’s not too shabby given our amazing competition in the Seattle area!

We are feeling pretty good, and coming up with some fantastic new products to offer up to our lovely clients – so do stay tuned!

So, as you may have guessed – Central Illinois is very different from Seattle.  Not only is it still a roaring 80 degrees (although they say it’s starting to cool down – all I know is I’m still sweating with just a tank top and jeans!) in mid-October, all the while Seattle is chilling every bone in a 100mile radius (man I miss the fall!).  The demographic for pets is a hard one to get used to.  As far as I can tell…there are no pet photographers in the area (correct me if I’m wrong)…so that means that I am either, in a great place to be – or there is a reason no one is out here.  Give me some time, I’ll let you know what I find.

One thing I have been doing is volunteering my photographic skills at the Animal Protective League (APL).  My goal there is to help emphasize the amazing and colorful personalities of these animals – so that they can find their new forever home(s) swiftly and effortlessly!

The first event I attended was at the shelter – outside in the October sunshine (it was so warm, I got a sunburn…it’s going to be a while before I get used to this…)  They were having a bit of an adoption ‘extravaganza’ – there were dogs everywhere!  The foster dogs were the stars of the show this round, because some of them haven’t even had their picture taken yet!  Let me introduce you to a few…

This is Digby – boy was he a character!

He even showed me his circus act!

And then there was Dusty and Dusty Jr (DJ for short) – word on the street is Dusty is DJ’s dad (hence the name) – You can only imagine what DJ’s mom looked like…(they were actually adopted TOGETHER that day! success! – they didn’t need my help, these two were as charming as they come!

They both had the most dreamy eyes!

they are quite the pair!

Some other fun faces!

and just one more of DJ…I couldn’t resist!

Take care all!


One year in and APL

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